Paradise Taveuni diving

Paradise Resort is a wonderful resort, in my opinion, one of the best in Fiji. The owners Terri and Alan and the resort staff are excellent and look after you very well indeed. The dive staff Andrianna, Charlie, Mikaele, Suli are excellent. Paradise resort has a weekly routine including mekes, Fijian feasting and singing, Indian cultural nights and Kava drinking which is just the right mix for Fijian culture and fun. This is run by the local Master of Ceremonies, Seppo. He is a very talented host and gets guests involved in the culture, dancing and Kava drinking. Seppo and Suli played live music each evening and spread a lot of good cheer.

The main areas for diving from Paradise diving resort include the Rainbow Reef and the Somo Somo Straight to the north and Vuna Reef on the Southern tip of Taveuni. Vuna Reef is brimming with wild possibilities. It is a long deep coral wall that goes for kilometres. We saw schools of Grey Reef Sharks, White Tip Reef sharks, Hawksbill Turtles, Angelfish during the long spectacular drift dives. Humpback Whales were seen cruising past Vuna reef and then past the resort.


Sunset Anthias
The daily Paradise Taveuni sunset right in front of our Bure. The resort is set in a beautiful tropical garden filled with flowers and is right on the ocean. The westerly aspect is perfect for sunset watching. There are magic moments every day. Photo credit Katie Scotland. Immediately in front of the pool is the Home Reef where you can dive any time. This male Square blotched Anthias lives in 25 metres of water on the famous White Wall at Rainbow Reef, Somo Somo straight in Taveuni.
comet Blue ribbon eel
A rare Comet hiding under a coral rock. My dive guide Charlie helped me to photograph this beautiful and rare fish under a coral head. Blue Ribbon Eel on the home reef a few minutes swim from the resort in 18 metres of water. You can locate it within a few minutes of entering the water.