SEA SLUGS Nudibranchs have naked gills at the rear.

Opisthobranchs means gills at the rear. Some of the major groups of Opisthobranchs include Sea Hares, Bubble shells, Nudibranchs, Sap suckers and Sea Butterflies.

Sea slugs or Nudibranchs are favorites of many divers because of the incredibly striking patterns and brilliant colours. Recent research is making many new and fascinating discoveries about Nudis. Solar powered sea slugs such as the Purple Dragon, store tiny single celled marine plants in their cerrata. They also store chemicals in toxic glands from the sponges things that they eat.


Kune's Chromodoris Bennets Sea slug Short tail cerstosoma
Honey Okenia Magnificent Ceratosoma red line nembroths

Names from the top.

Kune's Chromodoris, Lady Musgrave island.

Honey Okenia, Okenia mellitus, Five Islands, Wollongong.

Bennet's Hypselodoris mating. Kurnell Sydney

Ceratosoma magnifica. Shark point, Clovelly. Sydney

Short Tail Ceratosoma, Sydney. Pink Form.

Purple lined Nembrotha, Kurnell, Botany Bay, Sydney. They feed on solitary ascidians.