Solitary Islands

On a good day, diving at the Solitary Islands can be hard to beat.


Jawfish Jawfish
Jawfish live in deeper water and set up a territory in a patch of rubble with plenty of visibility. They have huge eyes and are extremely wary and alert. Jawfish build a burrow from the coral rubble.
Bream Tarwhine
Bream get quite tame at Split Solitary Island. Many people have difficulty separating Bream and Tarwhine. Bream have a black dot at the base of the pectoral fin. They also have four rows of scales above the lateral line. This Tarwhine was swimming with the Bream opposite as they often do. Tarwhine have a steeper head and it is rounded. There are six rows of scales above the lateral line. Pectoral and anal fins are brighter yellow.