Voli Voli diving

The main areas for diving from Voli Voli resort include the Bligh passage, about one hour by fast boat to the East.

Its Fijian name is the Vatu i Ra passage. The other diving area is to the West. There are scores of recognised dive sites from 20 minutes to 50 minutes from Voli Voli resort.


Mellow Yellow reef Reef magic
Reefs have been named by guests. Some of the names are Purple Haze, Mellow Yellow, G6, Vatu Express, Maytag and Black Mountain. (A great pinnacle dive!) Many are great current dives dominated by pink, purple, red and yellow soft corals. G6 is a dive named after the strength of the current. Equal to six "g " forces. The reefs are so colourful and spectacular. It is a mind altering experience.
Cod Regal Angelfish
Reefs such as Maytag are named after the industrial strength washing machine. Wheat fields is a pinnacle covered in masses of waving yellow soft coral. It looks like fields of waving wheat. There is no swimming against the current here. You have to go with the flow. The boss of the Ra diver crew, Sethi ,says, "if you want brilliant colour and great fish life, you need current and lots of it!" When you get out of the current, there are plenty of colourful fish to photograph such as this Regal Angelfish. You have a chance to settle down and let the effect of the adrenalin settle.