Walindi New Guinea ... Outstanding diving

Walindi is a paradise for underwater photographers and divers. Walindi is a very, very good dive spot. Every dive provides the same old dilemma. Wide angle or close up. The answer is always the same. Both! It certainly ranks with the best diving in the world.


Josie CLownfishfalse
Josie is the very accomplished trip Director on board Febrina. She is also an excellent dive guide. Here she is at Susan's Reef Walindi. A breeding pair of False Clown Fish, Amphiprion ocellatus at Restorff Island. This pair would be a dominant female and her dominant male partner. The smaller fish are sub-dominant immature non breeding males.
Barracuda Blue Shrimp
Most dive sites have resident schools of Black fin Barracuda. In some reefs, you are able to get quite close to them. This day was overcast, creating a metallic effect in the water. I took this photo of a Sea Star shrimp, Periclimnes soror on a Blue Linckia sea star at Fathers Reef.