About me



I have been diving actively for 39 years, becoming a scuba diving instructor in 1982. (Padi Master Scuba Diver Trainer 100040.)

I have done 42 extended dive trips to the many parts of the Great Barrier reef, from Great Detached Reef near Raine Island to Lord Howe Island; the shortest trip being 5 days. I have also dived in Sipidan, Lembeh, PNG, Chuuk, The Solomons, Vanuatu, Fiji, Lord Howe Island, Tasmania, Kangaroo Island. and Bali. I have dived at 17 resorts in Fiji.

I write or used to write regularly for dive magazines such as Scuba Diver, Sportdiving, Underwater, Dive Log and Photo magazines. I have had sixteen hundred underwater photos published.

Nowadays, I run Marine Biology courses for scuba divers. Marine biology is my passion.

I aim to run one course each month. If you want to learn about marine life, I am the right person to help you. Contact me. scubamagic@hotmail.com

I have a B Sc in Maths and Zoology, which is mostly marine biology. I have been diving actively for nearly 39 years and have researched marine biology intensively.

Having been a keen Underwater photographer since 1977, all of the photos in my web site are mine. Only 1 photo has been photoshopped. I try to get the shot right before I take it, as we had to with film photography.

I have a most extensive library of underwater slides and digital photos.

I have done over 5300 dives (at the end of Jan 2016).



Mana Island

A great week at Mana Island with very good Fijian friends , Richard the most excellent Dive guide, Toby the wonderful and helpful Coxswain and Johnathon, the big boss (resident Dive Instructor). I took the dive package and did 18 boat dives.