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Marine biology course outline

5 times 2 hour theory lectures and 5 scuba dives including one night dive.

Padi Research Diver certification awarded.

Note: This course is suitable for any level of diver from beginner to Instructor. In fact, it is perfect for dive instructors who feel the need to pass on some added value to their dive students.

My course has 56 pages of detailed notes based on my B.Sc , my research, my professional status as an educator and 38 years as an active diver and underwater photographer.

The course notes make up a full manual of marine biology and could easily be made into a book. There are thousands of hours of research distilled into concise lectures. These notes are very comprehensive yet easy to follow.

The course lectures are visual with lots of photos similar to the ones on this site and plenty of information.

I have referred to university level research texts. All this is concisely distilled into a few pages of notes. Each lecture is filled with up to date information.

My course notes are very thorough and comprehensive. As they say, cutting edge education.

Any sensible and positive contact regarding marine life and scuba diving is welcome.


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