Tropical hard ... Brain corals

Hard Corals are extremely complex to study. Four major types of hard corals include Staghorn corals, Brain corals, Mushroom corals and Porites corals.

Brain corals are easy to recognise having the brain likestructure. Some such as Platygira have several polyps sharing a long furrowing corallite.

Others such as Favia have distinct round polyps.



brain coral coral brain 1
Brain corals have complex coralittes in which several polyps share long furrowing cement homes or corallites. You can see the polyps out feeding at night. Each polyp is catching prey. You can see the elevated rim of the polyp and its central mouth.
brain 2 brain 3
Favia coral has beautiful buttons. These ekevated corallites have strongly ridges walls and no space between each corallite. Brain corals have larger furrowing cement homes. These complex corallites are inhabited by several polyps. Their large surface area collects sunshine to facilitate the photosynthetic activity of the tiny zooxanthellae growing within each polyp.