Fathers Island group

Fathers Reefs is a paradise for underwater photographers and divers. There are reefs with many special treats. The Arch has the incredible Red freckled Blenny. Some reefs have resident Stone fish. Others have schooling Batfish, Leopard Blennies, Silver Tip Whaler sharks


pam dig
My dive buddy, Pam is seen here falling under the spell of this beautiful Hawksbill turtle. Febrina's dive guide, Digger has been on board for well over twenbty years. He knows stuff. Is there are better dive guide in the world? If so, I would like to dive with them.
In some reefs, you are able to get quite close to reef octopus. Here the Digger the dive guide on Febrina poses near a reef occy. I took this photo of a Checkerboard wrasse and a Hawksbill turtle at Fathers Reef.