Witu Islands

The Witu Islands are west of Kimbe Bay about a half day steaming. This is a remote part of New Guinea not often visited by outsiders. Witu has a submerged volcano in which we dived and anchored overnight. It has some great muck diving, great reef dives such as Krakafat, Dicky's knob and Barneys reef. The muck dives reveal diverse critters from Mandarin fish, to Snake Eels to Sand divers, Flasher Wrasse and much more.


barneys1 barney5
Barney's reef has a number of great little reef areas which make for wide angle stunning photos. Fairy Basslets and Demoiselles hover over a large table Top Acropora coral colony. I sat mesmerised as the schools of ducked for cover in unison as potential predators swoop in to try an catch one for their dinner.
barneys tak

Barneys Reef is a round sea mount. It has the golden Feather Star and many richly coloured reefs.

My dive buddy, Tak is posing near a garden of huge Feather Stars at Barney's reef.