Witu Island muck diving

The Witu Islands are about a half day steaming west of Kimbe Bay. Witu harbour is the main muck dive. It is a dive I would like to do again and again. I think you would never stop finding new crtitters. Witu Island also has a submerged volcano in which we dived and anchored overnight. It has some great muck diving. The muck dives reveal diverse critters from Mandarin fish, to Snake Eels to Sand divers, Flasher Wrasse and much more.


gpf gobyshrimp
Witu Crater is a muck dive filled with fine silt. This is one dive where you must be slightly positively buoyant. You swim head down and use your fins slightly above you to keep your head low over the sea floor. It is no place for divers who have poor bupoyancy control. (Those that have a flock of camels in a camel race immediatley behind them for their dive buddies.) A juvenile Ghost Pipe fish swims here in id water. AT Kapepa muck dive, there are four types of Shrimp Gobies. SOme cannot befound in the fish ID books. This one here has two Alpheid shrimps cleaning out the burrow.
snake eel sand diver

This Napoleon Snake Eel was sitting in nine metres of water alomost under the boat.

Sand divers hover in mid water column and then duck into the sand when you get too close. Once in the sand, they feel safe and will allow you to approach.