Fiji Dolphin Bay

Dolphin Bay Divers is a small resort situated right on Rainbow Reef. It is so close that boat trips on average are ten to fifteen minutes and the longest trip is 20 minutes. They have eighteen regular dives which they offer guests but there are plenty more great spots.


Dolphinbay Racoon butterflyfish
A great sunrise heralds another day in paradise at Dolphin Bay Divers resort. Diving here is within reach of the Rainbow Reef in the Somo Somo Straight, Fiji's best drift diving. The White Wall is one of the most famous dives in RainBow Reef. It has lots of white soft coral along a wall going down well past 40 metres.
red wall Dolphinjj
Rainbow Reef has many colourful reefs. Some of these reefs such as Jerry's Jelly have the massive splashes of colour created by soft corals and fan corals.. Manta rays are common in Fiji. This one is in Wakaya Passage, off Ovalau on the Eastern side of Fiji. We stayed at the most excellent Levuka Homestay. We had a great 8 night stay with Aussies John and Marilyn who are outstanding hosts.