Fiji's Gobies


Sailfin Goby Four eyed Goby
The Sailfin Goby is a most fascinating dweller on the sea floor.Lke all gobies. its is extremely alert and wary of any potential predator. It scurries down into the safety of its burrow when it feels threatened. The Four Eyed or Crab Eyed Goby is common in the northern part of the Great Barrier Reef.
Firetail Goby Goby red
The Fire Tail Goby is a dancing relative of the true gobies. They survive by making use of a very strong pair bond and by being extremely alert. They build a burrow in the sand and use it to avoid being eaten. This is my favorite goby photo. Gobies that liveon fan corals duck and weave through the arms of the fan coral. They are almost impossible to photograph because they are very wary.