Cling goby Cling Goby with eggs
This Cling Goby from Sydney has a parasitic Copepod in its back. You can see the egg cases of this crustacean as the green spirals. During December off The Steps at Kurnell, Cling Gobies had laid eggs onto a Solitary Flask Ascidean. Both male and female Cling Gobies were tending the eggs. Cling Gobies have a suction pad on the underside made from their pelvic fins. They live on Red Fan Sponges and many other elevated lifeforms where they set up cleaner stations. They dart out and remove parasites from larger fish.
Firetail Goby Goby red

Fire Tail Gobies are an entrancing and hypnotic tiny little fish, closely related to Gobies. They have an incredibly strong pair bond and signal to each other. Fire Tail Gobies live over a sandy burrow in the northern tropics. Their excellent sight and very alert behaviour is a most effective defense from predators.

They do suffer during violent storms as their sandy burrow gets trashed. What do they do?

I do not know. This could be another good idea for a Ph.D.

This Goby has taken on the colour of the fan sponge on which it lives. It plays a game of cat and mouse, constantly dashing to the other side. Predators have little chance of capturing one of these for their dinner. They are simply too quick!