Long Nose Hawkfish Fosters Hawkfish
The Long Nose Hawkfish lives in warmer tropical waters, often living on large fan corals. It uses the duck and weave technique to evade predators and underwater photographers. It slips to the other side of the fan coral, sits back and giggles at you. You need to be very quiet and patient to get a good photo of this beautiful creature. A 105 micro lens helps a lot! This photo was taken with a Nikon D200 and a 60mm Micro lens. It operates at 1.5 times underwater, effectively working as a 90mm lems. Forster's Hawkfish are very common. They perch on high coral tops and wait for plankton to drift by. Plankton plucking is a very successful way of life for enormous numbers of animals.
Splendid Hawkfish Coral Hawkfish

The Splendid Hawkfish is found at the Solitary Islands in Northern NSW.

It is quite uncommon.

Hawkfish have little tufts on the dorsal fins that may attract plankton on which it feeds or help them to blend in with the background.

Coral Hawkfish , Cirricthys falco have spotted tails and vertical bars on the face. They are very alert and evasive .