Lembeh has many excellent reefs which are rich in fish and corals. An underground ecosystem of critters uses metre deep alluvial volcanic dirt as a refuge. It is a wild and violent battleground for survival. An entire ecosysten continues the struggle for survival under the dirt. It is a subterranean jungle of death and life.


frogfish blenny


Two warty Frogfish on a night dive. Double death trap for sleepy fish.
The Sea Slug crept closer to the Blenny. The Blenny is strongly territorial. This bottle is mine! The Blenny became agitated and annoyed. It gave a brief warning nip then raced up and bit the nudi hard on the head. As the Nudi did not respond, the Blenny repeated the attack. This time, it grabbed the nudi in its mouth aggressively and threw it over its shoulder like a piece of rubbish.
cardinalfish pipefish

This is a rare photo of a mouth brooding Cardinalfish with eggs in the mouth actually hatching.

You can see baby fish which have just been expelled from its mouth,

Close up of the face of a Network Pipe fish, Corythoicthys flavofasciatus.