Lembeh 10

The sheer number of deadly predators that proliferate in Lembeh straights is hard to believe. They must be eating enormous numbers of prey species yet there seems to be a perfect ecological balance. The prey species overcome the massive predatory pressure by breeding in such huge numbers that they simply overwhelm the predators to the extent that they still survive.


snake eel garden eel


Snake Eels do hunt out in the open by day and night. The deep alluvial sand on the sea floor is ideal for Snake Eels as they can bury into the sand tail first in well under half a second.
Garden Eels are burrow dwelling planktivores.
demon sting ambon scorpion

The large fins are excellent for trapping fish prey. Demon Stingers have spines so deadly that they cause excruciating pain to its victims. Don't put your hand on the sand!

Ambon Scorpionfish lie in wait to ambush fish.