Lembeh's pygmy Sea Horses

Lembeh has many excellent reefs which are rich in fish and corals. Pygmy Sea Horses are not uncommon. I was fortunate to photograph red and yellow Bargibantis. I also located Denis Sea Horse, Pohntoi and Severnsi in the area. Lembeh also has larger Sea Horse as well as the Thorny Sea Horse.



pohntoi sea horse


Pohntoi Pygmy Sea Horses live on Hydroid corals. They sway about with the surge and are almost impossible to photograph.
Male Bargibantis brood eggs as in all sea horses.
gold bargibanti denis
A pair of unusual yellow Bargibanti Pygmy Sea Horses. You can see the distended stomach of the larger male. Denis Pygmy Sea Horse is resting on a Gorgonian fan coral. It is an obligate relationship. This means that Pygmy Sea Horses must live on Fan Corals.