Lembeh 5

Coleman Shrimps, Zebra crabs amd more. Lembeh is a close up photographers paradise. There is wide angle photography as well. I took most of these photos using my micro Nikkor 105 close up lens with the wet dioptre.


Shrimp coleman zebra crab


The brilliant colours of these Coleman's shrimps faades to dark in the deep 25 metres depth where they live on the Elusive Sea Urchin.
Three large Zebra crabs lived on this Elusive Sea Urchin. Both females were heavily pregnant.
bobbit worm Gold seppent eel

Bobbit Worms grow to about one metre, They are voracious hunters and attack passing fish. They use the massive double jaws shown here to grab the fish and drag it down into its burrow. The sheer level of violence and aggression that they display is simply astounding.

This is the female of the Blue ribbon Eel. Males are the beautiful blue ones. The black ones are juveniles.