Lembeh 7 Crustaceans

There is a very rich crustacean fauna at Lembeh. I was there in January. Every crab we saw seemed to be pregnant.


porcelain crab candy crab

Porcelain crabs are not a true crab. They are more closely related to Squat Lobsters. You can see the feeding basket with which it captures its food. It lives on giant anemones.

Candy crabsare better known as Soft Coral Crabs, Hoplophrys oatesii. They live on soft corals in Lembeh. This one is a female. You can see her broad abdominal flap.
crab moult lembehcrabsc

Moulting crab shows the old shell being discarded. This act of nature is one of the most wonderful sights for divers.

Life on a Soft Coral bush can include beautiful Soft Coral Porcellain crabs like this one called Lissoporcellana nakasonei.