Lembeh 9 Gobies

Tiny Gobies live furtive existences and survive by having superior reflexes and superb eyesight. They are hugely attractive to close up photographers like me.


pink eye goby convict goby


The Pink Eyed Goby is about the size of half of a matchstick. Somehow, It survives in the deadliest environment in the sea. The huge eyes and quick reflexes of course tell us that it survives by being extremely vigilant and having lightning fast reflexes.
The Convict Goby is alert and constantly on the lookout for danger.
hairy goby gold goby

The large fins are excellent for rapid acceleration to escape. Hairy Goby lives in fine lacy Staghorn coral. They dart out into the open water to feed on passing plankton.

The Golden Goby is seen here taking refuge inside a small bivalve shell.