Hunting fish


lionfish sea snake
Lionfish are active night time hunters. The Sea Snake is always looking for fish to eat. I dissected a dead sea snake I found on the beach at Byron Bay once. They have one lung 2/3 the length of its body. The other lung is only a few cms long. The other side of its body parallel to the lung is the digestive system. Land snakes had to hold their breath for a long time to swallow food, often 10 to 20 minutes. This explains why snakes easily take to swimming underwater. Sea snakes also have a paddle tail and valves to close nostrils.
Barramund cod Blue box fish
Barramundi cod during a night dive in the Capricorn Bunker reefs off Bundaberg, Qld. This is the male Boxfish from a night dive in Kandavu, Fiji.