Padi Instructor 100040


I worked very hard for my Padi Instructor in 1982. I had prepared for and planned it thoroughly. I had every lecture of the OWD and Adv OWD typed up with notes over head transparencies and lecture aids. When the padi examiners asked for an impromptu lecture, I simply went to my notes and pulled ot the required lectrure, as I have already prepared it. There was no surprise lecture for me.

I was fortunate in my preparation for the instructor's exam. I have run a few complete dive courses, and assisted in many dive courses under supervision of course. I was probably over prepared, if there is such a thing.

I have always enjoyed teaching scuba. The spontaneous joy and excitement people develop when they start to feel comfortable underwater is infectious. On the other hand, when you are extremely keen as a Dive Instructor, people are drawn to your energy and the whole thing snowballs.

Since then I have run over 200 scuba courses, mostly in the 1980's and 1990's. I taught lots of Open Water, Advanced, Deep, Wreck, Night, Underwater Photography, Fish ID, Rescue and Divemaster. Recently, I have specialised in Marine Biology, PADI Research Diver. In the future, I am going to rewrite my Fish Identification diver and Underwater Digital Photography course and I intend to run fish and shark biology courses in Sydney and a resorts overseas in Fiji.

I used to run ten scuba dives in the open water course and a snorkel lesson. Theory was four three hour lectures and an exam. Day one was a snorkel lesson and two tank dives. We used to include two boat dives. Later, we cut it down to 9 dives including one boat dive. Divers became very comfortable and proficient usually around dive 7. Today, this sort of dive course would cost around $900 to $1000 today.

The Advanced course was also ten dives including 4 boat dives., 2 night dives and 4 shore dives as well as four three hour lectures but no exam. Once again, on today's value, this course would cost $1000. As Padi evolved, each course was divided into smaller discrete packages. Students I taught 29 years ago for Open water and Advanced course would end up with 4 or 5 different certifications in 2012 including most of the following : OWD, Adv, Night, Nav, Search and Recovery, Boat Diver. However, things were different in the early 1980's.

I have always been proud to be a scuba diving Instructor.

This photo is me with an Egg Eating Sea Snake, Aipysurus laevigitam. It has a tiny mouth, and is closely related to the much larger Olive Sea snake. However, when you remain calm, they are approachable and swim about nonchalantly checking you out..

  Olive sea snake