Palau has many and varied styles of diving. It is situated in the Western Pacific with many thousands of kilometres of open water to the South and East. As well, it is very close to the deepest part of the ocean on planet earth. The potential for extreme marine exploration is more tantalising than any other location. When you dive in this part of the ocean, you see many incredible treasures of its marine life.

Palau's waters are on the extreme edge of inner space. There is nowhere else on earth that is exposed to such remote and deep ocean water. This helps to explain whay it is such a special diving site.

anthias clam
The male Square Spot Anthias is very conspicuous. It relies on its excellent reflexes to avoid predation while advertising its territory with its bright colours. This stunning opalescent blue Clam lives in shallow water in Ngemelis Bay safe anchorage. Like many clams, no two have exactly the same colour.
crocodilefish snapper
The Crocodile Fish is actually a type of Flathead. It relies on its excellent camouflage and ambushes prey which venture too close. This Humpback Snapper is hiding in a school of Blue Lined Snapper.