Big Fish of PALAU


Big Fish life on Palau is plentiful and varied. Most reefs have schools of Big Eyed Trevally, Black Snapper, Black tail Barracuda and individual Dog Tooth Tuna.


trevally turtle
Big Eye Trevally are common at most dive sites all over Palau. Turtles in Palau are tame. They are used to divers and know with confidence that they are not going to be harmed.
sharkpalau spanish
Grey Reef Sharks patrol the wall at Blue Corner in numbers. On our dive here, we saw fourteen Grey reef Whalers. Spanish Mackerel at Blue Corner. Another day, one was being chased by a Grey Reef Shark at full speed only about half a metre behind. I was cheering for the Spanish Mackerel even though the shark kill would have been a spectacle.