WW II wrecks in PALAU


Most of the wrecks in Palau were sunk in march 1944 during Operation Desecrate 2. We dived the Chuyo, the Iro and the Helmet Wreck, Buoy no. 6 and Pelelui beach. There is plenty of live ammunition on most of the wrecks. Be careful not to touch anything that looks like bullets or bombs.

wreck1 wreckgun
The skipper of the Ocean Hunter 3, Ken is diving on the wreck of the Iro. Chuyo Maru has a short gun on the stern.
wreckwinch plane
A winch from the Chuyo Maru a supply ship to support the Japanese war effort.. The term 'Maru' refers to the fact that it is a non military type of vessel. This sea plane is an Aichi class Sea Plane. It crash landed shortly after take off 500 metres from the air field.