Parrotfish... if it swims like a bird, has a beak and is brightly coloured like a parrot... then it must be a ..... Parrot fish.

Bicolour parrotfish baby bicolour parrotfish
The male Bicolour Parrotfish has bright colours. He sets up a territory about the size of a football oval. The size of the territory is large enough to feed the family. (Other Parrotfish are driven off and live in non-territorial non-breeding flocks.) He usually has a "harem" of 5 or 6 females. The dominant female is a functional benevolent bully. She keeps subordinate females in line by constant harrassment. This keeps them immature, preventing their ovaries from maturing and creating eggs. Her reward is that she gets exclusive breeding rights with the male. So the term "harem" is wrong. In reality, they are monogamous. This is the juvenile Bicolour Parrotfish. All Parrotfish start life as female. Usually, they have a big sister who constantly bullies her. However, this is not all bad. She also protects her subordinate sisters by this constant attention. If the dominant male dies, the dominant female changes sex and becomes the dominant male. "She" has become a "he" and now rules the territory. The number two female becomes sexually mature and moves up the line. She now has breeding rights with the male. (her former big sister!) Maybe it is a good thing that fish are supposed to have short memories.
Red and Purple Parrotfish Steep Headed Parrotfish
Red and Purple Parrotfish swim frantically all day long. As soon as the sun sets, they find a safe spot and go straight to sleep. The ability to change sex is largely due to the reproductive organs of fish having both ovarian and testicular tissue. Each in turn can be switched on by hormonal secretion brought on by behavioural means. This is an incredible successful survival mechanism utilised by many fish from Coral Trout to Coral Cod to Fairy Basslets and many more..

This male Steep Head Parrotfish is sleeping inside his cocoon of mucous. If disturbed, the fish can make a lightning escape.Some fish people think that the slime stops their scent but there are probably several other reasons why the slime sleeping bag works. (Build up of Co2)

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