Silver tip whaler shark Grey Nurse Shark

The Silver Tip Whaler, Carcharius albimarginalis is my favorite shark. This is because of its superbly streamlined shape, its five white tips and its curiousity.When they approach from the deep, you see the five white socks with that tell tale swagger, swimming toward you well before you can make out its shark outline. I have seen many Silver Tip Whalers at Osprey reef and Bougainville reef, Wallindi and Beqa, Fiji. This female is from Beqa Lagoon.

Grey Nurse sharks look spectacular with their mouth full of ragged teeth. I swam with 40 small GNS at Little Seal Rocks alone many years ago. (I counted them and they were 1.5 to 2 metres long.) . I did begin to feel outnumbered. The rest of the dive group were on the west side more than 100 mteres away. They are a shark that on rare occasions have bitten people. However, I think that you would have to wander between two who are courting for them to have a go. They are so incredibly docile and almostly good mannered. Then again, they are wild and unpredictable.
ornate Wobbygong Tukai feeding tiger shark
Ornate Wobbygongs can grow to 2.8 metres. Their body becomes very broad when they are that size. They ooze sheer power and command great respect. I rate Wobbygongs very highly on the dangerous shark list. They are very territorial and extremely short tempered. They are the 200 kilograms of dynamite with a very short fuse. Be wary of them. Tiger shark feed at Beqa, Fiji. Tukai is seen stuffing Tuna heads into a 14 ft Tiger named "Joyce". She is magnificent. When she came around, the huge Bull Whalers bowed out and left immediately.