Silver Tip Whaler Sharks..


Silver Tip Whaler Silver Tip Whaler

Like many sharks, they can turn on a dime. This shark has veered off at right angles about 50 to 60 cm from my wide angle lens. In fact, I did move up two metres off the sea floor to get a better photo. This shark actually bumped me on the shoulder. The Fijian guys said she does that if she does not get a feed quickly enough. That is why it is safer to remain closer to the sea floor.

Silver Tip Whalers are very sleek and attractive shark. They use their pectoral fins to turn and bank sharply.
Silver Tip Silver Tip whaler


This female Silver Tip Whaler has its pectoral fins in the downward position. She is a magnificent creature, sleek and streamlined to perfection.

This is a female Silver Tip Shark in silhouette. Note the ventral mouth situated well back behind the eyes. This is a feature of the "modern sharks" enabling the jaw to have much more biting power. "Modern sharks" have adapted to a lifestyle of flesh eating. That is what the genus name "carcharius" refers to