Tiger SHARKS.. The big boss of the Tropics.

All these sharks are females. They are much bulkier in the body and grow far bigger than the males.

By contrast, males are much thinner. Female Tiger sharks rule!


Tiger shark with Joe Joyce the Tiger shark

This female is from Beqa Lagoon. She is 3 1/2 metres long. Joe is seen here giving her some love while Tukai holds a Tuna head the she is about to swallow whole.

Joyce is a female Tiger shark that is four and a half metres long. She regularly frequents the shark dive at Beqa Lagoon, Fiji.
Tiger shark with Sam Tiger Shark feed
Sami is feeing a 3 1/2 metre Tiger shark Tiger shark feed at Beqa, Fiji. Tukai is seen stuffing a Tuna head into a 14 ft Tiger named "Joyce". She is magnificent. When she came around, the huge Bull Whalers bowed out and left immediately.