Shiprock's Sea Slugs


Sea Slugs are common here. The Striped Armina the warrior sea slug can be found here feeding on Sea Pens. The abundance of food attracts Sea Slugs to feed on their favorite food.

  Bubble shell Verco's Tambja
  The Rose Petal Bubble shell is a sand bulldozer. You can see the head shield which it uses to burrow into the sand as it hunts for its prey. Verco's Tambja is seen here feeding on blue Bryozoan. These very large sea slugs cannot withdraw their gills into a pouch like most sea slugs can. They also have large branched gills.
  sweet amoena Daphne's sea slug
  Large numbers of Ceratosoma amoena, the Sweet Amoena congregate for mating. Daphne's sea slugs are commonly seen at Shiprock.