Shiprock Amazing lifeforms


Shiprock can be dived when storms are raging on the open ocean and often saves the day for keen divers who want to get wet.The water is not always clear but there is always amazing wildlife. Siltation fouls the gills of many sea animals. The walls enable many filter feeders to survive. Many of these would not be able to survive on the sandy sea floor just a few metres away because their gills would foul up. That is why the wall at Shiprock is totally covered in filtering sea life.


  Cuttlefish Splendid dorid
  The larger Cuttlefish is a male displaying its mating colour pattern. He will place his sperm packet using his long tentacle into her mantle through her nostril.(Siphon). She can use the sprem packet over the next few weeks to fertilise eggs as she porduces them. The Splendid Dorid is a spongivore. It is variable in appearance having many colour forms.
  Fortescue Gurnard
  Fortescue have a very successful lifestyle feeding of the drifting plankton in the daily currents. They are famous for their powerful toxic dorsal spines. Plenty of fishermen have been hospitalised from a sting from these tiny fish. Butterfly Gurnard fish are commonly seen at Shiprock. They use sensory barbels to taste the sea floor for signs of edible morcels such as shrimp and worms.