Shiprock decorator crabs


Shiprock is a tidal wall that is covered in sponges and soft coral. It is the octopus garden of fable that we like to sing about..

Decorator crab Blue ring octopus
  Decorator crab's have the best camouflage. They are virtually invisible when covered in soft coral. This Blue Ring Octopus is out hunting under the cover of darkness. They love to eat crabs and shrimp. They use their muscular mantle to restrain the dangerous claws of the crab. Next they deliver the death bite with their powerful beak and their toxic anaesthetising saliva. Small particles of food are ground down using the radula, the rasping teeth that all molluscs have.
  Gunther's wrasse Maori wrasse
  Gunther's wrasse is commonly seen hiding amongst the sponge gardens. These wrasse show a great deal of colour variation. Maori wrasse are common at shiprock. This male has bright face painting. During the breeding season, its colours become brighter and much more vivid so that females know that the male is fertile.