Shiprock Anemones and soft corals


Shiprock is a tidal wall that has unique and amazing marine life. The biggest threats to the marine life here include sedimentation from construction, high nitrogen from dog and cat poo and disturbance from high boating travel.

Anemone soft coral
  Sydney waratah anemone is able to move around on its sucker disc. It is closely related to the Swimming Anemone, Phlectinactus. Soft coral is known as Octocoral. The anatomy of the polyp is very different to the hard corals and anemones. There are eight tentacles on the polyps which are branched. Octocorals also include Sea Pens and Gorgonian corals.
  Angler fish goatfish
  Striated Angler fish are not uncommon at Shiprock. Goatfish are very successful bottom dwelling predators.