Sydney's Marine Life


Sydney has unique and amazing marine life. Possibly up to 80 % of our marine life is endemic. That is, found only around here. The massive band of tropical water around the equator serves to isolate Australia's cool water species. A few species, such as Tuna, can migrate from south of Australia to the tropics and back. Most are restricted because fish biology is very dependent on water temperature. As a result, temperate marine life has evolved in isolation from the Northern hemisphere for millions of years.

Black Band Perch Blue Devil fish
  The Black Banded Perch has a bright red as well as a striped colouration. Sydney has many shore dives where you can dive deeper than 20 metres for free. The Blue Devil is one of the most attractive fish in the ocean from any part of the world!. It is common around Sydney. Sydney is definitely a world class dive destination in between the rough seas and the murky water events. Then again, every place gets poor weather. Where else can you see such wonderful specimens on shore dive in a capital city?
  Stargazer Velvetfish
  Stargazers live on a lot of deep wrecks such as the Tuggerah. They are the ugliest but most effective ambush predator . Velvetfish hide under kelp and have incredible camouflage. This prehistoric looking fish is one of many amazing creatures found hiding under the kelp beds around Sydney's reefs. It is a mistake to swim over kelp beds without taking a look. There is a whole ecosystem that lives in and under the kelp gardens filled with some very extraordinary critters.