Sydney's Marine Life


Sydney has unique and amazing marine life. Possibly up to 80 % of our marine life is endemic. That is, found only around here.

Sargassum Fish Pegasus fish
There is a whole community of fish that hide amongst kelp gardens. Some of these have perfect camouflage and blend in so well like this weed fish. This Pegasus fish was at Shiprock in January. All the Pegasusfish I have seen have been in December or January. Its scales are reinforced into protective rings that provide body armour. This is very similar to Sea Horses.
Porcupine fish Red Indian Fish
Porcupine fish do not need to hide. They know that even if a Tiger shark eats them, all they have to do is to keep cool and pump water into their body to inflate their spines. The spines are modified scales and lock into place. The Tiger shark has a very sharp pincushion in its throat, a very prickly problem indeed. The porcupine fish is rejected. They also have the teterodotoxin poison concentrated in their organs. It is the same toxin found in Blue Ring Octopus. It is thought to be a bi-product of a bacteria. Red Indian fish live in sponge gardens. The are very hard to find when they hide under a red fan sponge..