Sydney is extremely underrated as a dive location.

Sydney is where we have many diving adventures right on our doorstop!


Sydney is rarely on the radar as a dive destination. This is because it often has storms, visibility below 5 metres and well I don't know what else.

Sydney is a very special place. It has many shore dives, excellent reef dives, very good boat dives, Some great deep Wreck diving, Great night diving venues.

It even has extreme diving down to 80 to 90 metres for the Tech divers..

It even has zero vis dives for training.

The marine life off Sydney is great and we even have whale migrations sometimes within metres of the shore.

Where else in the world can you get all of these on the doorstep of a world class city?

No matter how many times I am at a world class dive location that costs a small fortune, when I notice things like: there are no shore dives, there are no wreck dives, It is nearly impossible to get a night dive and so on.


Deco stop on Wreck  
Deco stop on the Dee Why, an artificial wreck on the north side of Sydney. Clear water is brought down from Queensland by the Great Australian Current. My dive buddies and I are having our arms ripped off by a raging current on the deep dec stop. We are flying horizontally on the heavily weighted shot line.