Wrasses of Sydney


Male Eastern King Wrasse Male Eastern King Wrasse
Female Eastern King showing the very different colour pattern to the male. Evolutionary biologists guess that females place selective pressure on males to show off their healthy state of being "fit to breed" by displaying beautiful colours. During the breeding season, male wrasse glow with brighter more stunning colours that advertise their fertility to the females. They actually look like they radiate colour. Male Eastern King Wrasse or Sandager's wrasse have bright colouration especially in the mating season when the colours brighten up markedly.
Snakeskin Wrasse Southern Cleaner Wrasse
Snakeskin Wrasse have incredible camouflage. They are a very elusive and alert fish, difficult to photograph. This is another fish with quite different male and female colours. The males definitely glow much brighter and much more vivid colours during the mating season. The Southern cleaner Wrasse, the NSW species of cleaner wrasse is one of the Suzicthys wrasses. It is found at Jervis Bay on rocky reefs.