Fujikawa Maru. Chuuk Lagoon, Micronesia.

The Fujikawa Maru is still a favorite wreck for many divers here in Chuuk. It has the best combination colour from the stunning corals and lots of great artifacts from the war. We dived here four times. That is the minimum you need to have a good look around. Serious wreck buffs would argue that they could do ten dives on it and still not see it all. The night dive is a smooze of dazzling colour.





fuji fuji

Fujikawa Maru

deep penetration of the engine room reveals many artifacts, ships engines and machinery. This compressor is known as R2D2 after the 'Star wars" character. This dive is a swim through many narrow passageways and is filled with loads of photographic subjects. The bubbles you and your buddy exhale cause rust to rain down after only a few breaths. That is why you should try to go first.

My dive buddy is investigating the prop and rudder down at forty metres.
fujik fujikawa


The engine room of the Fujikawa Maru has a reapir shop complete with drills, grinders and spares.


The bow gun on the Fujikawa Maru was made in 1899. It has a plaque showing its manufacturers signs from England. A lot of old guns were recycled in this was from decommissioned warships from WW 1.