Hoki Maru. Chuuk Lagoon, Micronesia.

The Hoki Maru is full of heavy machinery. The bulldozer is sitting on metal beams that are bend downwards well over a metre. We were warned not to go underneath it. Nearby is a tractor and three trucks. The Hoki is a wreck that I would like to revisit. There is a great deal to see here, requiring more than one dive. It is a deep wreck at around forty metres. The logistics of repetitive diving here are not great due to the nitrogen penalties. It is done as a morning dive and them we dive shallower wrecks for safety.





hoki hoki

Hoki Maru

The Hoki was captured from the British New Zealand shipping company. It was a road building ship, complete with trucks, bulldozers and road building equipment.. It was built in 1921 and was one of the earliest of the modern ships powered by the newest technology, diesel engines. Diesel was a major leap forward in shipping engines dramatically improving ship speed. It made front page news when it first arrived in New Zealand being the latest and most modern shipping technology.

The holds of the Hoki Maru have bulldozers, trucks and spares.
hoki2 davit


Deck superstructure on the Hoki.



The bow davit on the wreck.