Nippo Maru. Chuuk Lagoon, Micronesia.

The Nippo Maru was built in 1935. She was converted to a water carrier for the fleet in 1940. She also acted as a tropp carrier. On Feb 17, 1944, she was hit by three five hundred pound bombs and samk within a couple of hours. It did have hemispherical mines in its forward hold. The chuukese natives have removed most of these for dynamite fishing many years ago. You can see artillery shells and range finders in the hold. We swam into the ship's galley and the wheelhouse. By the time you inspect the guns on the deck at 36 metres and the Wheelhouse, and the tank, you do not have a lot of time to see all the other parts of the wreck. Because of its depth, we did two dives here . However, even with Nitrox, the cumulative effect of the nitrogen penatly made it unwise to dive here again.






nippo nippo

The Nippo Maru has field guns on the deck at about thirty six metres deep. They are probably Howitzers. These were possibly cptured from the British in the Philipines.

Three man tank on the deck of the Nippo is without its gun. I found that deep water photography of these wrecks worked best at 800 iso.
nippo trukred


Inside the wheelhouse of the Nippo Maru. The ships telegraph and the kingpost can be seen



Baby Cardinal fish, commpnly known as glassfish inhabit the dark space. Here a giant Soldierfish patrols and probably feeds on this school over the next few months.