Shinkoko Maru. Chuuk Lagoon, Micronesia.

The Shinkoko Maru is my favorite wreck in Chuuk. It has the best colour from the stunning corals and lots of great artifacts from the war.





shinkoko shinkoko

Shinkoko Maru

was an oil tender. It has big oil pipes and pumping room for supplying the fleet. Tom is seen here on his rebreather inspecting the soft corals draping the oil pipe.

My dive buddy, Niall is investigating the stairs that go into the oil pumping station amid ships.
shinkoko shinkoko


Shinkoko Maru has lots of artifacts strewn around the wreck. Tom is having a cup of teas . It is thirsty work on the rebreather.


You can swim inside the Wheelhouse of the Shinkoko Maru. There are three ships telegraphs here and a compass stand. My buddy, Tom is seen here using his rebreather to check out the telegraph.