Walindi New Guinea ... the hottest diving location

There are so many fabulous marine creatures to photograph on Walindi's reefs. The fish life is rich and varied.


Falseclown leopard blenny
This portrait of the False Clown Fish was taken right out from Walindi resort at Inglis reef. This is the elusive but mesmerising Leopard Blenny. It is a giant amongst Blennies but very very shy.. Here it is hiding amongst the Staghorn coral.
butterflyredfin clamelectric
The Red Fin Butterflyfish has always been one of my favorite Chaetodons. This one was photographed on a night dive from Walindi resort. I took this photo of a Electric Clam at Susan's Reef. Susan's Reef is a sensational dive with incredible wide angle photo opportunities and bundles of close up subjects. It is a paradise for underwater photographers..