Walindi New Guinea ... Shark diving

Walindi has very healthy reefs. Most have resident populations of sharks. The most common were White Tip Reeefsharks, Grey Reef Sharks and Silver Tip Whalers. Bradford Reef has Hammerhead sharks from time to time.


sharkgrey Sharksilvertip
Grey Reef Whalers are resident on each reef. They frequently check you out and let you know that you are on their patch. I decided to photograph this Silver Tip Whaler shark on close up to capture this head on shot.
sharksilver2 Sharkwhitetip
Many dive sites have resident Silver Tip Whaler sharks. This female was photographed at Jackie's Knob on the Fathers Reefs six hours east of Kimbe Bay. We had several shark feeds. A five litre plastic screw top bottle with three two inch square holes cut into it was filled with fish scraps. It took the sharks 20 minutes to get all of the fish out.