Walindi New Guinea ... Tame Turtles, reef fish.

Hawksbill Turtles have become quite tame. Our dive guides feed them a sponge that the Turtles simply love but are not able to access by themselves.


turtle crabstrawberry
Some reefs have tame Hawksbill Turtles. Our dive guides Digger and Freddy are able to lure them with a tasty sponge and get them to pose for photographs. Strawberry shrimps live inside Staghorn corals and Pocillopora branching corals. They may protect the coral from Crown of Thorns Sea Stars by biting off the tube feet os the sea star and biting the stomach until the crown of thorns dies. This keeps the home of the crab alive and growing so that it is even safer to hide in.
crabzebra goby
The Zebra Crab lives on Sea Urchins, Feather Stars and Soft Corals I took this photo of this goby on a giant Elephant Ear sponge at the reef at Restorff island.