There are three types of Wobbygong or Carpet shark. The Orectolobidae as they are known scientifically are flattened which give them an advantage in hiding in the many narrow crevices and laying ambush. They are a very successful predator and in my opinion a vastly underestimated shark.

Be wary of the lightning fast reflexes of a wobby. How do I know?

Every photographer wants to get a better photo. I am stalking a wobbygong for a photo. (25 years ago) . Just a little bit closer for a better shot. The wobby remains still! I sneak closer again. Same, wobby does not move.. Closer again. Whooska. A loud cough from the wobby! A massive gaping mouth reared up. I got a photo of a deep chasm down its throat. and a huge shot of adrenalin. Phew! Their territorial limit for you to approach is just under a metre.

I am a lot more careful now.

  Ornate Wobbygong