Wrasse can have six colour forms per species. These are: Male and female adult or terminal stage, juvenile, sub adult intermediate and mature breeding forms. During a one week of diving at the Solitary Islands, I was researching the wrasses fish family. I counted 84 different forms of wrasses including 28 species. There were male and female, juvenile male and females and the sub adult forms. This typifies the wealth of our reefs. The closer you look, the more you see.


comb wrasse chequerboard wrasse
Comb Wrasse are very inquisitive and friendly. The Chequerboard wrasse is highly energetic by day. Like all wrasse, it sleeps at night wakes at first light and does not stop its frenetic pace all day.
Giamard's coris Harlequin Tuskfish
Giamard's Coris is my favorite wrasse. Juveniles are like orange cigars, darting furtively without a moments pause from dawn to dusk. Then it is straight to bed. The Harlequin Tuskfish is a close relative of wrasse. Its front teeth can easily smash open shells such as cowries..