Duckenfield wreck Boiler on Duckenfield
Shiela is being stalked by a Giant Sepia apama who is displaying the aggression posture. This photo was taken right next to the Duckenfield at 26 metres depth.. The boiler is suffering from corrosion. The steam engine technology of the 19th century used boliers and condensors to drive ships.
Agnes Irving Duckenfield

A Shovel Nose Shark Ray, resting on the sea floor around the paddle steamer, Agnes Irving. The Agnes Irving is in 14 metres of water just north of South West Rocks.

This creature is sometimes called a Guitar fish. A good example of why common names are confusing. Rhynchobatus australiae is its proper name. They grow to about 3 metres and are very impressive looking creatures.


John inspects the superstructure around the engine of the historic wreck of the Duckenfield off Dee Why, Sydney. It sank in May 1889.